A couple weeks ago my wife and I experienced Las Vegas, for the first time, thanks to the generosity of our very good friends and my life is changed forever.

We did Vegas right.

The first day started on my best friends’ couch. The night before they had picked us up from our place in the city and took us north to spend the night at their home in the mountains. I can’t describe to you the stillness at the top of their mountain. Everything is silent except for the ceaseless winds and your footsteps.

The journey there by car didn’t feel nearly as long as I thought it would, but I entertained myself with a few selfies.

Before I knew it we were cruising down the strip, past the fountains of the Belagio, and as if by divine poetry we hear Elvis loudly proclaiming, “Viva Las Vegas!” over a cheering crowd watching the fountain show. Soon the Valet were taking my bags and I was ushered through giant doors to the Belagio.

After the sun went down our adventure began! First I needed brighter hair.

Then it was time for my new dress and some fresh paint.

And a few more selfies…

My best friend Rose and I had tickets to see Thunder Down Under. 😛 It wasn’t really my thing, with all the screaming bachelorette parties around us, but after a redbull and vodka I managed to enjoy myself.

The real fun was with everyone back at the bar, Dick’s Last Resort.  I motioned to the grumpy looking bartender and he said, “What are you? Chuck E Cheese Reject?” 😛 Needless to say, we had some fun. After his shift he even bought us all a free drink.

We all headed back to the rooms and finished a bottle of… something, and had some more athletic fun. 😉

The view was breathtaking at night.

The next morning… I mean does anyone even care about Vegas in the morning? 😛

A breakfast at the edge of town with waitresses in short skirts and neon lights decorating the whole room. I had the muffin of my dreams! Lemon cranberry with lemon custard swirls. After that we went in door sky diving! Yeah! We put on super hero outfits and helmets and learned to fly over a giant fan. After that we rode a really quite satisfying roller coaster.


Saturday night was… everything I dreamed of. We had tickets to Zumanity by Cirque Du Soleil. I had been dreaming of seeing this show since it debuted. I mean come on… a sex themed circus? That is my heaven!

And it truly was.

As we found our seats, there were two busty french maids warming up the audience with jokes and treats, while on the stage a Goddess in white fur slowly sat down at a grand piano, removing her coat and baring stunning lingerie with such casual grace.

Immediately I said to my companions, “No one teases me if I cry.” Sure enough, by the second act, I was in tears watching a beautiful dark haired, small breasted, gymnast diving in and out of a clear pool of water at center stage.

I could detail for you every act, but none of it can compare to the real show. Go see it and you will know my soul.

The following morning we went to see the atrium after check out. There was a beautiful flower installation for the lunar new year which was renewed daily!

After staring at the koi pond and wandering through the throngs of people taking photos, we sat down to the buffet.

I wish I had taken photos of all the amazing food I sampled! The highlight for me was the steamed pork bun, but now I’m spoiled to everything! Nothing I make is that good!

After an amazing, long, and comfortable breakfast we all piled in the car and drove home.

The decadence of the trip was so incredible that going back to real life was a bit of a downer. I definitely see the appeal in enjoying a luxurious trip as often as one can. I can’t wait to find out what I will experience next!


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