I have been modeling nude for 10 years. Primarily alternative pin up. Currently a Suicide Girls Hopeful.

I’m interested in shooting fetish and erotica, health and spirituality, fantasy, and glamour. If I can help you (and you can help me) make something incredible, please contact me. If I like your work or concept, I will trade time for art. I have transportation and will travel.


Dancer, Martial arts, Yoga

I am most skilled with poi. I also use fans, eat fire, belly dance, and strip tease.

I perform with Fighting as Fire. Fire, glow, and real combat. Epic story telling and dance flow by experienced martial artists. I’ve been studying Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do since 2002 and teaching it since 2008, privately and in groups.

I practice nude yoga daily, occasionally on my voyeur cam. I am aspiring to attend SWIHA in AZ to become a yoga teacher.



I am a professional Dominatrix and Webcam Entertainer with 10+ years of experience. I offer online and in person consultations for persons pursuing alternative lifestyles. Please contact me for rates.

In the early evenings I practice yoga and belly dance on Chaturbate. I enjoy meeting new people and having interesting discussions while I prepare my mind and body for the session. In the late night, I dominate my transexual wife and dolly,  Soleil Succubus.

 ”All that fucking, with out art, is really rather dreary.”

Art is how I understand and communicate my human experience. I freelance as a model, fire dancer, martial arts instructor, yogi, and Dominatrix. I live in Mesa, AZ with my wife, Soleil. Our family includes two dogs, and 12 cats; Unless you include the free roaming TNR cats, that we supply with food and medical care. I enjoy gaming, reading, drawing, and learning about anything and everything. I identify as Taoist Pagan and practice ritual observance of natural cycles. I also believe in the profound and meaningful experience of withstanding intentional pain or trial; Consensual Domination/submission, as well as body modification, for enjoyment and personal growth. One path of many, to the divinity within.